Transaction Log

2018.06.28 Finally got on the SSL bandwagon but the switch over has made me more disenfranchised with frameworks than ever. Versions change, upgrades, dependencies, and all for a site that's little more than a frontend playground. Slowly moving everything back to plain ol HTML.
2014.01.18 Started migrating site to new framework for easier maintenance.
2011.10.12 Added Tar Notes, fixed an offline issue with HTML5/Geolocation Dashboard
2011.10.04 Added The Playground with: CSS3 Multi-Column Layout Test, Textarea that fills it's Container, and an HTML5 Audio Test
2011.06.29 Spring 3 Controller Notes
2011.06.07 Tomcat Instance Notes
2010.10.03 Made a Connect Four game in html/js (jquery).
2010.06.29 Added Reading Local Files With HTML5 And Javascript.
2010.06.24 Added HTML5 Geolocation testing.
2010.01.19 Starting the migration (of this site) from my old Perl framework (basically a PHP-ish knockoff) to a new one I lovingly call, Modi. It's a fully MVC Framework written in perl with Dependency Injection. It is based heavily on the Spring Framework for Java (though, not nearly as comprehensive). I will release it soon as an open source project. Please contact me if a Perl MVC DI (IOC) Framework is something that interests you.
2008.12.20 Added Windows section to the notes with MD5 Checksum for Windows.
2007.09.13 Added General Linux Commands.
2007.09.13 Added Bash Notes.
2007.06.11 Added Samba Notes.
2007.03.24 Added my version of the IROPA.
2007.03.08 Added Linux Notes
2007.03.07 Updated MySQL notes
2007.03.04 Added SVN notes
2007.03.04 Updated MySQL notes
2007.03.02 Added SSH notes