Svn Notes

Cheat Sheet

Quick Reference

svn st [filename]     # Status of files in project dir
svn update [filename] # Grab the most up-to-date files from the repo
svn commit [filename] # Put files into repo
svn add files         # Add files to repo


# Ignore Directory:
svn propset svn:ignore "*" directory


# Import project to repository:
svn import dir_to_import http://mysvnserver.tld/svn/repos/name_i_want_to_call_repo -m "Initial Import"

# Checkout project:
svn co http://mysvnserver.tld/svn/repos/name_i_want_to_call_repo dir_name_i_choose


# Get a directory out of svn control.
# Example: You checked out a project to a directory. But now you
# want to remove all traces of subversion from the directory.
cd to/my/project/dir
for svnfile in `find . -name .svn`; do
	echo "Deleting svn dir $svnfile"
	rm -rf "$svnfile"