The Wall of Shame

I work for a company that takes classified ads. A co-worker started keeping "special" ads pinned up on his wall before I started working there. This is the continuation of that legacy. Addresses and such have been changed to protect the guilty.

THE LIFE EXTERMINATORS Private, confidential removal. 555-1212

LIFE=LICE This guy called back to find out why his ad didn't run. So the supervisor told him. They both had a good laugh.

555 Something Dr. Aug 10-12, 8am-2pm all days. Children's Confinement Store going out of business yard sale! For directions 555-1212.

We also get "work orders" for problems with the system. (FYI, "Cats" or "CATS" is short for the "Classified Ad Taking System"):

Workstation 90. Cats not recognizing "Lunchbox Overseer" Calls LO calls cause Cats to log out. Additionally, a map with the Areas & New Civicle Man O War was there for quality/quick customer service in Real Estate Categories.

This person gets an F.

Some comment:

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