This is a peice of spam I got. I find it interesting in a zen sort of way.

Ive been living atBrookview this past year. And oh, dad, canwe keep
the house a secret till weve moved in?
Ofcourse, he comes to town in the winter. I like the pattern of this
place, said Jane. That he could buy all this loveliness for four
hundreddollars was enough luck. Other girls liked some of their
uncles and aunts atleast.
It was all about peopleJane had never heard of, but somehow she liked
to listen.
I just got up to look at the moon, said Jane.
There are people who areborn knowing things. As soon as I knew you
were coming I began inquiring about possiblehouses.
I just got up to look at the moon, said Jane.
Jane enjoyed that dinner, having eaten next to nothing ever sinceshe
left Toronto. Dear, dont let your eyes pop quite out of your head,
warned dad.
I might haveturned down our predestined house just because it was mud
colour. Do you sense any magic about this, my Jane?
Behold a mute inglorious Milton in your dad. Im going to love you but
Im not going tospoil you. Shes got it all planned out, dad told the
It was really shethat made all the trouble between him and your
Do you suppose its possible that the view goes with the house?
It only goes when it feels like it,but what matter?

I think Jane has taken the divorce rather hard.

Here's another
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